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Hi and welcome to the home of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Chief Information Officer (CIO). 

If you're a business owner, you will probably understand the frustrations of having to deal with information technology (I.T.) in your business. Some of our clients have described it as a "LOVE-HATE" relationship - they LOVE it because if harnessed correctly, technology is able to provide their businesses with that extra boost and a strategic competitive advantage over the rest of the industry. They HATE it simply because is DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND and simply a chore. 

Here's another common analogy - "I.T. is always asking for more money. It's a cost center I wish we could do without!" Well, if you have always imagined yourself running a successful business, harnessing the strategic use of I.T. as a competitive tool and gaining that edge over the industry, then this is moment you have been waiting for! 

We are going to show you how businesses can harness the strategic use of I.T. and use it as a key to business success and competitiveness. This is the SAME system our clients have used to achieve business success, using I.T. as their key tool. We simply call it the SMECIO Retained-CIO difference.  

"We were skeptical at first ...
But now we're saving $3,300 EVERY MONTH because of a SINGLE change Roy has recommended!"
A local retail business with multiple locations around the island was having its profits marginalized because of its high monthly running costs. The management took the plunge and decided to experience the SMECIO RETAINED CIO difference for themselves. Six weeks into the job and they were saving $3,300 EVERY MONTH for a SINGLE change that was recommended. Today, they remain part of the SMECIO Retained-CIO network for continued advice ...
"... the work speaks for itself. We were lucky to get advice in time.
I feel regret for the huge amounts of money that have been spent over the years --- those could have been saved! Now nothing gets pass until Roy has a look at it. He's really part of the family!"
A chemical distribution business felt that their I.T. infrastructure needed an upgrade. They scouted for suitable System Integrators (SI), got the traditional price quotations and recommendations. The management was ready to commit but was recommended to seek a second opinion. The rest as they say is history. Today, the business is running on its upgraded I.T. infrastructure, serving the needs of the various departments but costing less than 50% of the original quotation ...
A traditional trading business was looking at ways of improving its own bottom line. Without much value-add to the end product as a traditional "buy-sell" business, customers were moving away and purchasing from the cheapest source. Profits dropped as rising costs and increased competition became more prominent. Management felt that technology was a way that could help the business - but they didn't have any expertise on the management team nor within the business. Technology with all its technical jargons just isn't their cup of tea.
"Roy took up the challenge and we're all glad that he did ...
... down-to-earth and simple suggestions ...
... he makes technology easy for anyone to understand"

"... technology has allowed us to add value to the end product - customers now come to us because they cannot get the same complete package anywhere else. Its now our USP!"
(Unqiue Selling Proposition)